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Voting Rights and Election Law
  • Michael R Dimino
  • Bradley Smith, Capital University
  • Michael Solimine, University of Cincinnati - Main Campus
Voting Rights and Election Law, Second Edition is a law school text book covering the law surrounding the electoral system. Coverage begins with voting qualifications, defining the community and excluding outsiders. The book covers the authority of the courts to remedy violations of the right to vote. Other topics include the One-Person/One-Vote Doctrine under the Federal Constitution and the effects of the Voting Rights Act. The book also covers the role of political parties and term limits for federal and state office. Campaign finance and political speech each receive treatment. The book concludes with a chapter on methods for remedying errors in elections.
Publication Date
Carolina Academic Press
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Michael R Dimino, Bradley Smith and Michael Solimine. Voting Rights and Election Law. 2nd(2016)
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