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The Option Contract: Irrevocable Not Irrejectable
Catholic University Law Review (1990)
  • Michael J. Cozzillio
This Article briefly examines the traditional contract principles governing offer and acceptance, particularly the various means to terminate an offer. It also explores the special circumstances governing option contracts and similar mechanisms utilized to transform a revocable offer into an irrevocable one. Further, this Article reviews Restatement (Second) Section 37 and case law that addresses the question of whether a rejection should terminate an irrevocable offer. It explains why the view articulated by section 37 and its decisional predicates are untenable. Finally, this Article presents an alternative to section 37 that reflects logical compliance with established contract formation principles, while doing no violence to the legal and practical considerations
attending the creation of typical option contracts.
  • contracts,
  • commercial law,
  • option contracts
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Michael J. Cozzillio. "The Option Contract: Irrevocable Not Irrejectable" Catholic University Law Review Vol. 39 (1990) p. 491
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