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About Mike Climstein

PhD Exercise Science & Human Performance - Oregon State University
MSc Exercise Science - Utah State University
BS Biology - Utah State University
AEP Accredited Exercise Physiologist
DXA (NSW and Qld)

Clinical: Mike has returned to work at the Vale Medical Practice prescribing preventative and rehabilitative exercise to a wide array of patients with varying chronic diseases/disorders. A/Prof Climstein is an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) with over 27 years academic and clinical experience.
Academic: Mike is working with the Exercise Health & Performance Faculty Research Group (Faculty of Health sciences) at The University of Sydney. At present Mike has 81 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 10 book chapters and over 100 national and International conference presentations. HDR supervision includes 5 PhD students, 1 MSc student and 1 Hons student.

Currently, Mike is Co-Director of the Water Based Research Unit (Bond University, Qld, Australia). Most recently he was Postgraduate course coordinator of the Master's of Clinical Exercise Physiology at ACU.

A/Prof Climstein has been awarded fellowship by the American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM), Sports Medicine Australia (FASMF) and Exercise and Sports Science Australia (FAAESS). Additionally, he sits on 3 national committees for Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

His research has been funded by Health Workforce Australia (Clinical Training funding scheme), Roche Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Merck, Sharp, and Dohme, Diabetes NSW, National Heart Foundation and the ARC. Current research projects includes:
+ Medical and health history of Master's athletes
+ Effects of exercise on glycaemia in individuals with Type 2 diabetes using whole body vibration
+ Lifetime prevalence of non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancer in Australian professional and recreational surfers
+ Lifetime prevalence of exostoses in surfers and swimmers
+ Intensity and duration of exercise adaptation: IDEA
+ Musculoskeletal and physiological investigation of stand up paddle boarding (elite vs. recreational and 6wk intervention)
+ Musculoskeletal and physiological investigation of surfing (professional vs recreational)
+ Effect of cold water swimming on core temperature and strategies to improve cold tolerance in cold water swimmers
+ High intensity aerobic and resistance interval training in supervised cardiac rehabilitation

Professor Climstein collaborates with the following researchers:
Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh , University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Professor Wayne Hing, Bond University (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)
Professor Kent Adams, California State University/Monterey Bay (USA)
Professor Mark DeBeliso, Southern Utah University
Assoc. Professor Bon Gray, Bond University (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)
Assoc. Professor Justin Keogh, Bond University (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)
Assoc. Professor Lotti Tajouri, Bond University (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia)
Assoc. Professor Trish Sevene, California State University/Monterey Bay (USA)
Dr James Furness, Water Based Research Unit (Qld)
Dr Ben Schram, Water Based Research Unit (Qld)
Dr David Hughes, Australian Institute of Sport (Canberra, Australia)
Dr Yorgi Marvos, University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Ed Fitzgerald, Australian Rugby Union (Queensland, Australia)
Dr Jarrod Meerkin, MeasureUp Australia, (Sydney, Australia)
Joe Walsh, Charles Darwin University (Darwin, Australia).


2015 - Present Chronic Disease Rehabilitation, Vale Medical Practice AND Adjunct Associate Professor, Exercise, Health and Performance Faculty Research Group, The University of Sydney, University of Sydney, Australia

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Best Scientific Paper "The Effects of a Back-Belt on Lumbar Disc Deformation During Stoop Type Lifting: International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations (2013)"
  • Scientific Merit Research Award Sports Medicine in Oceania (1993)
  • Best Scientific Paper "Grip Strength and Functional Measures in the Mature Adult: Brief Report II": International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations (2015)
  • Award: Best Presentation ePoster (Furness, Hing & Climstein): "Trunk mobility in the sagittal and horizontal planes: clinical methods to quantify movement in an elite surfing population" Australian Physiotherapy Association (2015)
  • Best Scientifics Paper Award: Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology “Differences in Participant Motivation Based Upon Category of Body Mass Index (2016)


Contact Information

Exercise Health & Performance Faculty Research Group
Faculty of Health Sciences,
The University of Sydney
-------- AND ---------
Vale Medical Practice
Chronic Disease Rehabilitation
Brookvale, NSW


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