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Teachers’ Perceptions of iPads in the Classroom
Education Faculty Publications
  • Michael K. Barbour, Sacred Heart University
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Today, iPads and other tablet devices have become the next great device to have a purported impact on classroom teaching. The 2010-11 MACUL Grant I was awarded was designed to purchase one iPad and one iPod Touch (along with several accessories for both devices), and supplement that number with a loan of an additional four iPads and accessories from the College of Education at Wayne State University, to develop an iterative professional development for a small group of high school science teachers on using the iPad as a tool for technology integration.

At the time of publication Michael Barbour was affiliated with Wayne State University.

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Barbour, Michael K. “Teachers’ Perceptions of iPads in the Classroom.” MACUL Journal 32.4 (Spr/Sum 2012): 24-25.