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Who’s Researching Virtual Schools?: A Case for Instructional Technologists
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  • Michael K Barbour, Sacred Heart University
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Over the past 11 years, virtual schooling has gone from isolated experiments to a reliable alternative to a brick and mortar education. However, during this time, little research has been conducted into how these learning opportunities are and should be provided to their adolescent audiences. Even more troubling is that very few of these researchers are from the field of instructional technology. In this article, I discuss those who have been involved in this early research and then make a case for the value that instructional technologists can bring to this emerging field.


Barbour, M. K. "Who’s researching virtual schools?: A case for instructional technologists." Distance Learning 4.1 (2007): 7-12.

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Michael K Barbour. "Who’s Researching Virtual Schools?: A Case for Instructional Technologists" (2007)
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