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Reciprocity Revisited
Analytic Teaching (1989)
  • Michael Pritchard, Western Michigan University

Introduction: I had the pleasure of meeting Lawrence Kohlberg just two months before his tragic and untimely death. He told me that he had prepared some written comments on my article, "Reciprocity," which appeared in Analytic Teaching, Vol. 4, No. 2. I mentioned an article I had written about his work. We agreed to make an exchange. I jokingly said, "Stage 2. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." I sent him my paper, but he did not send his. At first I amused myself with the thought that Lawrence Kohlberg, of all people, had failed to satisfy even stage 2 moral requirements. However, I then learned that he had suffered a recurrance of a debilitating and depressing disease, and I read the sad announcement of his presumed death in the New York Times, as well as its later confirmation.
Publication Date
Spring 1989
Citation Information
Michael Pritchard. "Reciprocity Revisited" Analytic Teaching (1989) p. 54 - 62
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