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right Reaching into Every Person's World with Geovision Technologies
CIO Review (2018)
  • Michael L. Mathews, Oral Roberts University
As the world considers Nano-sizing degrees into ‘just-in-time’ digital pieces of intelligence to anyone-or-everyone in the world, we will break open the paradigm of cybernetics into a potentially new field of study. This new field of study is code-named Geonetics by ORU. Geonetics leverages the art and science of coordinating digitization of previous generations of knowledge and technology to reach into every person’s world for global improvement. Geonetics is initially considered the digital phenomena that aligns and connects people via geospatial and global information systems on a global scale, to improve the education and well being of humanity.
  • Michael Mathews,
  • ORU,
  • Oral Roberts University,
  • Geoetics,
  • Geovision
Publication Date
Fall August 21, 2018
Citation Information
Michael L. Mathews. "right Reaching into Every Person's World with Geovision Technologies" CIO Review (2018)
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