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A CIO’s Best Friend is A Digital Transformation Index
CIO Review (2018)
Our current digital society has created paradoxical work environment for Chief Information Officers. Many have said… ‘this is worst time to be mediocre CIO, and the greatest time to be a great CIO.’ The paradox of swinging between the greatest of times and the worst of times is something each CIO must master. In my own way, I have first and foremost decided to recreate my own mission statement creed o as a ‘CIO’. My mission is fairly simple and straight forward and reads. ‘As a CIO my mission is to help those I serve to survive and thrive in a digital society.’
  • MIchael L. Mathews,
  • Blockchain
Publication Date
Spring March, 2018
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"A CIO’s Best Friend is A Digital Transformation Index" CIO Review (2018)
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