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Keynote Speech: A Letter from the Original Cause Lawyer
All Faculty Scholarship
  • F. Michael Higginbotham, University of Baltimore School of Law
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This symposium speech is a short piece which talks about why there is a need for law students to become cause lawyers, the symposium being: cause lawyers and cause lawyering in the sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education. The writer creates an allegorical scene where he's snowed in in his home during a snowstorm, lightning strikes his computer, and the computer comes to life in the form a message being typed, and "channeled" to him by Thurgood Marshall. The former Justice of the Supreme Court proceeds to state the many reasons why there is still a need for cause lawyering due to ongoing racial injustice and discrimination despite the gains that have been made in recent years.

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Keynote Speech: A Letter from the Original Cause Lawyer, 35 U. La Verne L. Rev. 205 (2014)