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Mood States and Consumer Behavior A Critical Review
Journal of Consumer Research (1985)
  • Meryl Gardner, University of Delaware
A conceptual framework is presented that depicts both the mediating role of mood states and their potential importance in consumer behavior. Reviewing findings from the psychological literature indicates that mood states have direct and indirect effects on behavior, evaluation, and recall. The scope and limitations of these effects are addressed, and the implications for consumer behavior in three areas-service en- counters, point-of-purchase stimuli, and communications (context and content)- are examined. Finally, the potential feasibility and viability of mood-related approaches to marketing research and practice are discussed.
Publication Date
Winter December, 1985
Citation Information
Meryl Gardner. "Mood States and Consumer Behavior A Critical Review" Journal of Consumer Research Vol. 12 Iss. 3 (1985) p. 281 - 300 ISSN: 0093-5301
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