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Unpublished Paper
Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) population study
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  • Mervyn Shepherd, Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry, Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics, Southern Cross University
  • Timothy R Sexton, Southern Cross University
  • Dane Thomas, Forests NSW
  • Michael Henson, Forests NSW
  • Robert J Henry, Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry, Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics, Southern Cross University
Chief Investigator
Shepherd, Mervyn
Publication Date
Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry, Forests NSW Project 2.1.3
School or Research Centre
Southern Cross Plant Science
Lead Partner Organisation
Southern Cross University
Other Partner Organisations
Forest Research Centre CRC for Forestry Forests NSW

Mervyn Shepherd, Southern Cross Plant Science, Southern Cross University,

PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480, Australia.

  • Eucalyptus pilularis,
  • microsatellite variation,
  • gene flows,
  • genetic diversity,
  • genetic variation,
  • geographic regions,
  • growth performance
DNA fingerprints for 567 Eucalyptus pilularis or E. pyrocarpa trees used in a study of population genetic diversity and structure. Foliage of E. pilularis was acquired from native forest as well as Forests NSW provenances trials. A total of 424 individuals were sampled from 48 localities including coastal and inland provenances and encompassing the latitudinal range of E. pilularis. A further 83 trees (33 E. pyrocarpa and 50 E. pilularis) were collected in a paired sampling design to test for species differentiation at four locations where they co-occur in Northern NSW. Marker genotypes were generated for 14 genetic loci, 13 microsatellites and one SNP marker. In one study, genetic diversity and structure parameters were estimated from 12 microsatellite loci in 424 individual E. pilularis trees from 48 locations in 10 regions throughout its native range using F statistics as well as the model-based approach of structure. See Shepherd, M., Sexton, T.R., Thomas, D., Henson, M., Henry, R.J., 2010. Geographical and historical determinants of microsatellite variation in Eucalyptus pilularis. Can. J. For. Res. 40, 1051–1063 for further details. In a second study, genetic structure was examined between two species of blackbutt. See Shepherd, M., Raymond, C.A., 2010. Species differentiation and gene flow in the Blackbutts (Genus Eucalyptus Subgenus Eucalyptus Section Pseudophloius). Conservation Genetics 11, 1965-1978 for further details. Data is available in a CSV file formatted for use in GenAlEx
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Spatial Coverage
(-25.9838178, 153.08807960000001)
Location of 48 natural origins of Eucalyptus pilularis trees overlaid with 10 regional groupings and two biogeographic zones. From Fraser Island Queensland to Eden New South Wales.
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0
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070500 Forestry Sciences
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Citation Information
Shepherd, M, Sexton, T, Thomas, D, Henson, M, & Henry, R 2010, Data from: Blackbutt (Eucalypts pilularis) population. Southern Cross University.