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About Dr Mervyn Shepherd

Dr Mervyn Shepherd BSc(Hons)(Qld), PhD(Qld)
Dr Shepherd's research interests are in the application of molecular genetics to forest species for to support improvement or management of forest resources.
Current research projects include genetic mapping and marker-trait cosegregation analysis of vegetative propagation characters in Corymbia (formerly Eucalyptus) hybrids, population structure and diversity of in the spotted gums, gene pool management and risk assessment in Corymbia spp., and to study molecular variation in genes involved in lignin biosynthesis.
A major focus of Dr Shepherd's work over the past 13 years has been the use of species' hybrids to elucidate the genetic architecture of traits of interest to forestry and as a system to study genome organisation and evolution.


Present Research Fellow, Southern Cross University Southern Cross Plant Science


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Contact Information

PO Box 157
Lismore NSW
Australia 2480
Phone: (+61 2) 6620 3412
Fax: (+61 2) 6622 2080


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