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Uxoricide in Fiji: The Sociocultural Context of Husband-Wife Killings
Violence Against Women (1999)
  • Mensah Adinkrah, Dr.
Prior research has demonstrated a close relationship between patriarchy and female homicide victimization. This study examines this uxoricide-patriarchy connection in a non-Western society, Fiji. It is demonstrated that most cases of uxoricide among Fiji Indians emanate from husbands' attempts to enforce traditional sexual mores enshrined in a rigidly patriarchal society. The data suggest that rancorous confrontations between husbands and wives over allegations of marital infidelity were among the leading causes of spousal homicides committed by men.
  • uxoricide,
  • spousal murder,
  • homicide,
  • spousal homicide,
  • domestic violence
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Mensah Adinkrah. "Uxoricide in Fiji: The Sociocultural Context of Husband-Wife Killings" Violence Against Women Vol. 5 (1999)
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