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Witchcraft Accusations and Female Homicide Victimization in Contemporary Ghana
Violence Against Women (2004)
  • Mensah Adinkrah, Dr.
The goal of this article is to enhance awareness of witchcraft-related femicides. In Ghana, stereotypes abound of elderly women as witches. In some instances, suspicions or accusations of witchcraft are followed by lethal or nonlethal assault of the supposed witch. This article examines witch beliefs in Ghana and analyzes 13 incidents of homicide committed against women accused of witchcraft during 1995 to 2001. The author presents a genderbased analysis of witchcraft accusations that contextualizes witch murders as a form of gender discrimination. The results indicate that appreciation of the social and cultural contexts, as well as the status of women in the society, is crucial in developing an understanding of witch-related femicides in Ghanaian society. Suggestions for reducing witchrelated violence in Ghana are offered.
  • witchcraft,
  • witch hunts,
  • witchcraft beliefs,
  • Ghana,
  • Women,
  • Femicide
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Mensah Adinkrah. "Witchcraft Accusations and Female Homicide Victimization in Contemporary Ghana" Violence Against Women Vol. 10 (2004)
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