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Fabulous Freebies
PNLA Quarterly
  • Memo Cordova, Boise State University
  • Ellie Dworak, Boise State University
  • Kim Leeder, Boise State University
  • Sara Seely, Boise State University
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When libraries first started experimenting with web tools, it was a challenging experience because it required highly specialized skills and the assistance of expensive programmers. The last several years have seen an explosion of free and user-friendly web tools, many of which suit our needs perfectly. Even better, many of them require nothing other than a willingness to experiment and have some fun. This article describes some of our favorites and how they might be useful for libraries.
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Memo Cordova, Ellie Dworak, Kim Leeder and Sara Seely. "Fabulous Freebies" PNLA Quarterly (2009)
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