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A Professionalized Society: Our Real Future
  • Melvyn L Fein, Kennesaw State University

Liberals and conservatives are both wrong. We are not moving toward the communal utopia liberals favor. Nor are we headed toward the theocratic utopia many conservatives prefer. To the contrary, thanks to the fact that we have become the first primarily middle class society in the history of the world, we are lurching toward a professionalized society. More of us than ever must acquire a self-motivated expertise in what we do. Whether on the job, in politics, within our marriages, or when raising our children, we must know what we are doing and be personally committed to doing it well or things can go very badly.

This is not to say there are no pitfalls along the way to greater professionalization. There are, instance, predictable forms of personal and collective resistance that will slow the process. Nevertheless, as "A Professionalized Society: Our Real Future" explains, the conjunction of our biological and social natures with the techno-commercial environment we have entered will eventually push most of us in the direction of personal professionalization. Moreover, in doing so, we, as a whole, will benefit.

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Melvyn L Fein. A Professionalized Society: Our Real Future. (2010)
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