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Developing an instrument to assess student readiness for online learning: A validation study
Distance Education (2011)
  • Barbara J. Dray
  • Patrick R. Lowenthal
  • Melissa J. Miszkiewicz, Buffalo State College
  • Maria Aracelli Ruiz-Primo
  • Kelly Marczynski, Buffalo State College

As online enrollment continues to increase across the nation, attrition rates in online programs do not. Understanding student readiness for online learning is necessary. Over the years several surveys have been developed to assess student readiness as a predictor of success in online programs, however, a review of the literature yielded limited results of their translation and criterion referenced validity. The researchers of this paper sought to develop a more rigorous survey instrument for students to self-assess readiness for online learning. The authors report on findings from a three-phase study during which the instrument was developed, evaluated, and validated. Through the process of validation, the researchers systematically engaged in an iterative process to refine the instrument, which resulted in not only a more rigorous instrument but one that more clearly defines “ready” and situates it within the literature on learner characteristics, digital divide, and ICT engagement.

  • Online Readiness,
  • Learner Characteristics,
  • ICT Engagement,
  • Survey Validation
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Dray, Barbara J., Lowenthal, Patrick R., Miszkiewicz, Melissa J., Ruiz-Primo, Maria Araceli and Marczynski, Kelly (2011) 'Developing an instrument to assess student readiness for online learning: a validation study', Distance Education, 32:1, 29-47