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About Melissa J. Miszkiewicz

Melissa Miszkiewicz is an original author of the online learning readiness survey (OLRS) Dray & Miszkiewicz 2010. The OLRS is currently being used as an advisement tool with the scoring rubric published in 2011 by Marczynski & Miszkiewicz.
Currently, Miszkiewicz, Kroll and Marczynski are developing a new learner readiness tool. This tool uses the same broad high level domains as the OLRS: Learner Characteristics and ICT engagement (ICTe). However, four sub constructs: Self-beliefs, Locus of Control, Expectancy Values and Achievement Values focus questions in the academic context across both Learner Characteristics and ICTe.
This survey is designed to further, or broaden the notion of assessment. While the instrument can be used for institutional assessment, our initial question is centered around the individual. "Are students ready?" is a loaded question. Ready for what? Our goal is to give program directors, curriculum and intervention designers, and advisors, more information about how their students and potential students respond to learning. Program directors can better design programs, curriculum and interventions, and advisors can point students to appropriate interventions.
The survey targets the individual’s expectancy values, achievement values, locus of control and self beliefs across two domains, Learner Characteristics and Information and Communication Technology engagement (ICTe). Presumably, advisement is part of any educational experience. This tool gives insights into individual behavior by looking at, for example, one's view of oneself, one's ability to control outcomes, one's comfort & experience with technology, one’s expectations and values about education. All is asked within the educational context. Scales from Zimmerman, Bandura and Martinez-Pons (1992) and Stupnisky, Renaud Perry, Ruthig, Haynes and Clifton (2007) are incorporated.
The survey is currently in validation studies.


Present Adjunct Instructor, University at Buffalo
Present Director, Academic & Research Technology Planning, State University of New York College at Buffalo - Buffalo State College


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