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Polishing Makes Perfect . . . Or Maybe Not
Bench & Bar
  • Melissa N. Henke, University of Kentucky College of Law

This column offers some tips and strategies that can improve the proofreading process you use. To be clear, I use the term proofreading to refer to the final stage of editing. Of course proofreading can never take the place of earlier stages of rewriting or revising for organization, content, clarity, or conciseness. But this final stage of editing is crucial, because it is where you identify and fix any problems with spelling, grammar, and punctuation that leave your document looking less than polished.

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Melissa N. Henke, Polishing Makes Perfect . . . Or Maybe Not, 80 Bench & B. 32 (Nov. / Dec. 2016).

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Melissa N. Henke. "Polishing Makes Perfect . . . Or Maybe Not" Bench & Bar Vol. 80 Iss. 6 (2016) p. 32 - 33
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