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About Melissa Gomez

Melissa Gomez is originally from New York but calls Central Florida home. She is graduating from UCF with her bachelors in anthropology in May 2017 and is attending graduate school there as well with a focus on biological archaeology. Her intent is to work in all areas of the world specializing in isotopic analysis of organic matter in bones, skin, hair, and nails to discover past life ways dealing with diet and disease and hopefully assist in new genetic discoveries that could shed light on current populations. Ms. Gomez plans to volunteer her time to aid in the recovery effort of deceased individuals from both natural disasters (DMORT) and crimes against humanity. Her research interests involve the diet, death rituals, and disease contraction of peoples both past and present and the biological implications of these topics. She has current research continuing in the Turks and Caicos involving agriculture and domestication and soon to be active work in Jordan and Turkey.


2014 Present Research Assistant - Stable Isotopes Lab, UCF, University of Central Florida


Present Researcher, University of Central Florida

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