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Using Online Activities to Build Students’ Research Capacity
Fall Perspectives on Teaching / Western University (2016)
  • Melanie Mills, Huron University, London
  • Elan Paulson, The University of Western Ontario
  • Colleen Burgess
Where does making students research ready (e.g., thinking like a researcher, developing a research question, negotiating the information ecosystem) fit into your teaching? In this session, participants will discuss how,
when, and where they believe developing students’ research capacity takes place. Participants will also receive an introduction to a repository of online resources, eCampus Ontario, and one of its recently funded initiatives, (S2S), a fully online, self-paced suite of learning modules for social science graduate students. Whether you are teaching senior undergraduate students, a graduate seminar, or are otherwise supporting novice researchers, you will be provided with practical guidance and helpful tips to augment your instruction with online learning activities that will build students’ academic literacies and research skills.
  • information literacy,
  • online modules,
  • research methods,
  • higher education,
  • academic literacy,
  • research skills
Publication Date
August, 2016
London, ON
Citation Information
Melanie Mills, Elan Paulson and Colleen Burgess. "Using Online Activities to Build Students’ Research Capacity" Fall Perspectives on Teaching / Western University (2016)
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