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Unpublished Paper
Tunisian Words of Amazigh Origin
SelectedWorks of Jihëd Mejrissi (2013)
  • Jihëd G. Mejrissi

This document presents a list, incomplete and inconclusive, of Tunisian words of Amazigh origin, as well as other elements related to the Amazigh substrata in Tunisian. Should any other words, errors, or other be found, please feel free to contact the author, and to check the most recent version.

  • Amazigh,
  • Substrata,
  • Tunisia,
  • Tunisian,
  • North Africa
Publication Date
December 21, 2013
Citation Information
Jihëd G. Mejrissi. "Tunisian Words of Amazigh Origin" SelectedWorks of Jihëd Mejrissi (2013)
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