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Unpublished Paper
Pastafarian Economics and Finance
SelectedWorks of Jihëd Mejrissi (2013)
  • Jihëd Mejrissi

The article criticises the interference of religion, particularly Islam, in economic decisions and economics in general, using a sarcastic tone that depicts reasons making “Pastafarian economics” the “most productive form of economics” and “Pastafarian finance” the “most ethical form of finance”, in a way similar to what enthusiasts of “Islamic economics and finance” allege.

  • Pastafarianism,
  • “Pastafarian finance”,
  • “Pastafarian economy”,
  • criticism of “Islamic finance”
Publication Date
March, 2013
Citation Information
Jihëd Mejrissi. "Pastafarian Economics and Finance" SelectedWorks of Jihëd Mejrissi (2013)
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