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Unpublished Paper
“Islamic Economics and Finance” and an “Islamic Tunisia”
SelectedWorks of Jihëd Mejrissi (2013)
  • Jihëd Mejrissi

This paper seeks to verify the accuracy of claims that an “Islamic economy” is “the solution” to current economic and financial problems, and assesses the alleged sustainability and ethicality of “Islamic finance” in theory and in practice, and whether “Islamic economics and finance” may or not be instruments of the economic integration of countries with a Muslim-majority in the Middle East and North Africa, with a particular focus on Tunisia.

  • “Islamic economics and finance”,
  • “Islamic economics”,
  • “Islamic finance”,
  • criticism of “Islamic Economics”,
  • criticism of “Islamic Finance”,
  • incoherencies of “Islamic economics”,
  • incoherencies of “Islamic finance”,
  • Tunisia,
  • “Islamic economics” in Tunisia,
  • “Islamic finance” in Tunisia
Publication Date
February, 2013
Citation Information
Jihëd Mejrissi. "“Islamic Economics and Finance” and an “Islamic Tunisia”" SelectedWorks of Jihëd Mejrissi (2013)
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