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Unpublished Paper
Characterization of SenseGaN Current Mirroring for Power GaN with the Virtual Grounding in a Boost Converter.pdf
  • Mehrdad Biglarbegian, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Babak Parkhideh, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
This paper presents an implementation of the
SenseGaN current sensing technique using Gallium Nitride
(GaN) transistors as representative of Wide Bandgap (WBG)
semiconductors. For effective feedback control, fast over-current
protection, and diagnostics-prognostics developments, precise
current measurement becomes more crucial. While the integration
and miniaturization of power semiconductors are getting
more feasible to operate at higher current as well as switching
frequency, most of the available current measurement techniques
have some technical challenges such as bandwidth limitations,
higher power dissipation, and sensitivity variations. SenseGaN
technique is along with the integration of semiconductors to
monitor the power module current without significant effects
on power stage performance and opens a new era for smart
devices in future power electronics; however, implementation of
this method in practice, has some difficulties that should be
addressed for careful design consideration. This paper verifies the
concept in WBG-based power converters with Spice simulations
and mathematical analysis. Finally, a prototype using power
650V-GaN is successfully tested at 150kHz.
Publication Date
Spring 2017
Citation Information
Mehrdad Biglarbegian and Babak Parkhideh. "Characterization of SenseGaN Current Mirroring for Power GaN with the Virtual Grounding in a Boost Converter.pdf" (2017)
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