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A Practical Approach to Prescribe The Amount of Used Insulin of Diabetic Patients
ICEE 2011 (2011)
  • Mehran Mazandarani
  • Ali Vahidian Kamyad

To assess of diabetes mellitus, extensive mathematical studies have been done to date. Up to now, many crisp mathematical models have described this phenomenon, but with the aim of controlling and modelling diabetes mellitus in more realistic and practical form, the models that consider most aspects of the problem should be considered. This kind of attitude to the disease can be modelling with mathematics called fuzzy mathematics. In this paper, modelling of diabetes mellitus type 2 has been studied by using IF-Then fuzzy rules based on the medical information of diabetic patients of Parsian clinic in Mashhad-Iran who were treated during October 2009- February 2010, and then by using the defuzzification method the prescribable amount of insulin to diabetic patients type 2 would be determined. This approach will provide a better control possibility of blood glucose level stability in patients despite the uncertainty in the data and information of patients due to disturbances of body system.

  • Diabetes Mellitus Type 2,
  • Fuzzy Logic,
  • Modelling
Publication Date
Spring May 17, 2011
Citation Information
Mehran Mazandarani and Ali Vahidian Kamyad. "A Practical Approach to Prescribe The Amount of Used Insulin of Diabetic Patients" ICEE 2011 (2011)
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