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Coffin Hardware in Nineteenth-Century America
  • Megan E. Springate, University of Maryland - College Park
Using data from archaeological excavations, patent filings, and marketing catalogs the book provides a broad view of the introduction, spread, and use of mass-produced coffin hardware in North America. At the book's heart is a standardized typology of coffin hardware that recognizes stylistic and functional changes and a fresh look at the meanings and uses of the various motifs and decorative elements. Within the discussion of mass-produced coffin hardware in North America is new work connecting the North American industry with its British antecedents and a fresh analysis of the prime factors that led to the introduction and spread of mass-produced coffin hardware. Extensively illustrated with examples of coffin hardware to aid scholars and professionals in identification.

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Publication Date
Winter 2014
Left Coast Press
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Megan E. Springate. Coffin Hardware in Nineteenth-Century America. Walnut Creek, CA(2014)
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