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Resorts and Reform: Archaeology at the Wiawaka Holiday House, Lake George, New York
Society for Historical Archaeology (2012)
  • Megan E. Springate, University of Maryland - College Park
The Wiawaka Holiday House on Lake George, New York is among the oldest continuously operating women’s holiday retreats in the United States. The Holiday House was founded on the grounds of a failing resort hotel at the turn of the twentieth century by wealthy women largely from industrial families to provide factory “girls” opportunities for healthful vacations in the countryside. Before the Holiday House was established, the property was the site of two resort hotels; their histories, spanning much of the nineteenth century, reflect the rise and transformations in the Adirondack resort hotel business. Presented in the early stages of doctoral research, this paper describes the current state of history and historical archaeology at the property and explores avenues of research related to the meanings and uses of leisure time in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as questions of gender, class, power, and labor.
  • Progressive Era,
  • Reform,
  • Women's History,
  • Tourism,
  • Labor
Publication Date
January, 2012
Citation Information
Megan E. Springate. "Resorts and Reform: Archaeology at the Wiawaka Holiday House, Lake George, New York" Society for Historical Archaeology (2012)
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