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Unpublished Paper
Hemispheric Processes in the Perception of Art, A Literature Review
  • Megan Levy, University of Notre Dame Australia
A literature review on Jeffrey Coney’s and Christine Bruce’s “Hemispheric Processes in the Perception of Art” (Journal of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics, Empirical Studies of the Arts, Vol. 22(2) 181-200, 2004) presenting the results of their exploratory study on lateral asymmetry in the aesthetic evaluation of European art. This literature review proposes that Lateralization Theory, and specifically hemispheric preferences in art, are vast fields full of mystery and surprises, which require continuous research work within a deep understanding of the historical context. Coney’s and Bruce’s study is an example of interesting hard work which invites curiosity and replication, but it also suggests that some consideration has to be seriously given to confounding variables and prior research.
  • Right and Left Hemispheres,
  • brain,
  • cognition,
  • perception,
  • art
Publication Date
Winter 2014
Citation Information
Megan Levy. "Hemispheric Processes in the Perception of Art, A Literature Review" (2014)
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