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Getting Outside the Supermarket Box: Alternatives to "Food Deserts"
Progressive Planning (2016)
  • Megan Horst, Portland State University
  • Subhashni Raj
  • Catherine Brinkley
Supermarkets are often proposed as a solution to “food deserts” – places where access to healthy food appears limited. In places as diverse as New York City and Portland, Oregon, planners have incentivized supermarkets to locate in these under-served areas. However, there are some serious problems with both the notion of food deserts and the promotion of supermarkets as the answer. As an alternative, we propose that planners and their colleagues focus on community-based solutions, rather than strategies that mostly benefit corporations.
  • food desert,
  • supermarket,
  • food systems planning
Publication Date
Spring 2016
Citation Information
Megan Horst, Subhashni Raj and Catherine Brinkley. "Getting Outside the Supermarket Box: Alternatives to "Food Deserts"" Progressive Planning Vol. Spring 2016 Iss. 207 (2016)
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