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Water, Coordinating Producer, Living Documentary Series, HDV, 30 min.
  • Meg Knowles, Buffalo State College

We have a complex relationship with this building block of life. Water landscapes can serve as reminders of both historical events and personal memories, provide cultural touchstones, fill our need for beauty, or simply provide a source of liquid refreshment. Is this resource controllable or beyond our control? While we attempt to restrict water use through pacts and treaties, sometimes we just can't stop that slow leak on the roof. Termite TV explores a variety of water-y issues; both poetic and political, in this episode.

Coordinating Producer: Meg Knowles

Includes Works by: Brian Milbrand, Sarah Christman; Meg Knowles, Mike Kuetemeyer, A.Q. Quintero, Joanna Raczynska, Iden Rosenthal, Debbie Rudman and Anula Shetty.

  • Water,
  • Great Lakes,
  • Erie Canal,
  • Termite TV Collective
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Meg Knowles. "Water, Coordinating Producer, Living Documentary Series, HDV, 30 min." (2007)
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