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Gregory 2016 Assessing How Academic Libraries Support Visual Artists.pdf
  • Meg Gregory, Western University
Focusing on Visual Arts, the relationship between academic libraries and studio based programs is explored. Themes are identified in the literature, such as a the nearly unanimous preference for browsing as a search strategy. A small sample of Canadian university libraries are explored to examine the resources and services available to Visual Art users. Copyright and licensing considerations for artists and art instructors are examined and a public resource created using the author's blog. The broader discipline of fine and performing arts is explored for parallel information behaviour and information needs, though surprisingly few similarities are found. Finally, a sample of areas for further study are suggested including a need to study artists' use of technology in their practice.
This PDF is a more detailed version of a poster presentation entitled How Academic Libraries Support Visual Artists.
  • academic libraries,
  • libraries,
  • visual arts,
  • information behaviour,
  • fine arts,
  • students
Publication Date
Winter April 16, 2016
Dr. Paulette Rothbauer
Citation Information
Gregory, Meg A. "Assessing How Academic Libraries Support Visual Artists." Presentation at the FIMS Graduate Research Day, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, April 16, 2016.