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Tissue Safety Analysis and Duty Cycle Planning for Galvanic Coupled Intra-body Communication
IEEE ICC 2016 (2016)
  • Meenupriya Swaminathan, Northeastern University
Galvanic coupling is the enabler of closed-loop com- munication between implanted sensors and embedded actuating devices (such as drug injectors) by providing energy-efficient and reliable non-RF transmission through links formed within tissue. For safe deployment, it is critical to verify that the amount of heat generated within tissues during signal propagation stays within permissible bound. In this paper, we analyze the thermal distribution within tissues, for galvanic coupling-based communication for varying transmission power levels, number of collocated transmitters, and blood perfusion conditions using finite element based numerical simulation and skin-phantom based experiments. Our results confirm that tissue heating remains well below safe limit of 1 C . Using the temperature dissipation profile, we derive the suitable transmission duty cycles, separation distances and number of concurrent sources that may co-exist without raising the tissue temperature. The proposed strategies provide upto four fold increase in bandwidth efficiency through concurrent transmissions, ensuring sufficient bandwidth for implant communications. 
  • tissue safety,
  • thermal distribution in tissues,
  • safe communication for implants,
  • RF is not safe,
  • Intra-body networks,
  • body sensor networks,
  • implants communication,
  • wireless body networks,
  • galvanic coupling,
  • energy efficiency,
  • energy balance,
  • topology optimization,
  • relay position,
  • device position,
  • wireless sensor networks,
  • safe body communication,
  • model optimization,
  • channel characterization,
  • tissue channel model,
  • tissue electrical behavior,
  • tissue model,
  • finite element analysis,
  • porcine experiment
Publication Date
Summer May 11, 2016
Citation Information
M. Swaminathan, U. Muncuk, and K. R. Chowdhury, "Tissue Safety Analysis and Duty Cycle Planning for Galvanic Coupled Intra-body Communication," IEEE ICC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 2016.