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Parental Contributions to Southeast Asian American Adolescents' Well-Being
Youth & Society (2008)
  • Yu-Wen Ying, University of California - Berkeley
  • Meekyung Han, San Jose State University
Informed by acculturation, ecological, and social capital theories, the study examined the contribution of parental acculturation, parental involvement, and intergenerational relationship to well-being in Southeast Asian American adolescents. Using data from the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study, 491 Southeast Asian American adolescents and their parents comprised the sample. Path analysis showed that parental involvement fully mediated the effect of parental acculturation on intergenerational relationship, whereas intergenerational relationship mediated the effect of parental involvement on child outcomes. Service implications are discussed.
  • parental acculturation,
  • parental involvement,
  • intergenerational relationship,
  • Southeast Asian American adolescents
Publication Date
December, 2008
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Citation Information
Yu-Wen Ying and Meekyung Han. "Parental Contributions to Southeast Asian American Adolescents' Well-Being" Youth & Society Vol. 40 Iss. 2 (2008) p. 289 - 306 ISSN: 1552-8499
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