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Correspondences: Collaboration (introduction)
Cultural Anthropology blog (2016)
  • Margot Weiss
At a time when collaborative ideals and practices have become standard across a variety of domains—from crowd-sourcing and data sharing to scientific laboratories and social movements (see Holmes and Marcus 2008)—this Correspondences session pays critical attention to the dilemmas of collaboration. Contributors consider: What are the political desires that incite and sustain collaboration? How does collaboration challenge but also reproduce more hierarchical, less liberatory ethnographic knowledge practices? What forms of accountability does collaboration demand? What are collaboration’s contradictions—its ethical limits and its hopeful horizons? Whose collaboration, and for what?  

Publication Date
September 23, 2016
Citation Information
Margot Weiss. "Correspondences: Collaboration (introduction)" Cultural Anthropology blog (2016)
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