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Gramsci and Class
Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive)
  • Mike Donaldson, University of Wollongong
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Donaldson, M, Gramsci and Class, Antontio Gramsci, un sardo nel "mondo grande e terrible" International Gramsci Society, Regione Sardegna, Istituto Gramsci della Sardegna, Casa Museo Gramsci di Ghilarza, Casa Natale Gramsci di Ales, Cagliari - Ghilarza - Ales, Sardinia, 3-6 May 2007.
Some of the scholars who use the work of Antonio Gramsci, particularly those influenced by Cultural Studies, hold the view that Gramsci rejected the idea of social class, particularly in his Prison Notebooks. This paper traces the evolution of Gramsci's thinking on class and demonstrates that there is no sharp break between Gramsci's pre-prison and prison writings, and that social class remained fundamental to Gramsci's thinking until the end.
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Mike Donaldson. "Gramsci and Class" (2007)
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