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Socioeconomic impacts of climatic change on paddy cultivation: an empirical investigation in Malaysia
Journal of Knowledge Globalization (2010)
  • Md. Mahmudul Alam
  • Chamhuri Siwar
  • Rafiqul Islam Molla
  • Mohd Ekhwan bin Toriman
  • Basri Talib
The changing natures of climatic factors have different impacts on agriculture based on areas, periods and crops. Farmers are the most vulnerable group who are affected both directly and indirectly through climatic changes. In the study area in Malaysia, climatic changes have adverse impacts on farmers. Due to climatic change productivity and profitability of paddy cultivation have declined in the Integrated Agricultural Development Area, North-West Selangar. Farmers perceive that paddy cultivation is no longer profitable due to low productivity as a result of climatic changes. They now prefer full-time to part-time engagement in paddy cultivation. Heavy government subsidy and encouragement are not enough; it requires increase in productivity and profitability of paddy cultivation for making its viable and sustainable sector. All efforts of mitigation and adaptation must be pursued to counter the adverse impacts of climatic changes and increase the productivity of paddy cultivation in the area. It is observed that there is a high degree of income inequality among the paddy farmers in the study area
  • Climatic Change; Income Equality,
  • Health Hazard; Agriculture; Paddy; Malaysia
Publication Date
Winter 2010
Citation Information
Alam, M.M., Siwar, C., Molla, R.I., Mohd Ekhwan, T., and Talib, B. 2010. Socioeconomic Impacts of Climatic Change on Paddy Cultivation: An Empirical Investigation in Malaysia, Journal of Knowledge Globalization, Vol. 3(2), pp.71-84.