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Conspiracy Jurisdiction in Alabama: Attributing One Party’s Contacts with the Forum State to Another
ALA. LAW (2010)
  • McKay Cunningham

You don’t reside in the forum state. You have no office there, no personal representative to receive service on your behalf, no advertising targeted toward the forum state and you have not personally conducted business in the forum state, but you have a business associate who has. When your business associate is sued, can the court attribute his contacts with the forum state to you? What if the claimant alleges that you and your business associate conspired or are agents of one another? In other words, what effect does one defendant’s personal relationship with a foreign defendant have on the constitutional limits articulated in the “minimum contacts” analysis?

  • Conspiracy jurisdiction,
  • forum,
  • alabama
Publication Date
Summer July, 2010
Citation Information
McKay Cunningham, Attributing One Party's Contacts with the Forum State to Another: Conspiracy Jurisdiction in Alabama , 71 Ala. Law. 304, 307 (2010)