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Natural Right and Islam: a Bridge to Modernization
Security and Migrations in the Mediterranean (2006)
  • Mendo Castro Henriques
Natural right is a foremost factor of the dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean World, a great regulator for building the democratic state, international relations and respect for hurnan rights in general, and penal law. Secular and religious allegiances converge in acknowledging it as the key factor for acknowledging human rights and ensuring social pluralism; for sustaining the law' s primacy ia the state-building process; for maintaining the counterbalance of civic duties and rights, without which no political leadership can be sustained; for promoting the supremacy of international law; and for legitimising the power of supranational organizations
  • Natural Law; Islam; Human Rights; Social Pluralism; Mediterranean
Publication Date
May, 2006
NATO Science Series, V: Science and Technology Policy
Citation Information
Mendo Castro Henriques. "Natural Right and Islam: a Bridge to Modernization" IOS Press,AmsterdamSecurity and Migrations in the Mediterranean Vol. Volume 50 (2006) p. 18 - 31
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