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Preaching What We Practice: Bringing Scope and Methods “Back In”
PS: Political Science & Politics (2011)
  • Miguel Centellas, University of Mississippi
Recent discussions of teaching research methods have focused on understand- ing the relationship between methods courses and the broader discipline, including the need to integrate qualitative methods and other approaches beyond the traditional statis- tical approaches still common in the majority of undergraduate research methods courses. This article contributes to this conversation by arguing that the basic elements of research design and qualitative techniques should be integrated into substantive (or “non-methods”) courses across the discipline. To accomplish this aim, I offer a brief outline of methodolog- ical benchmark skills—drawn from the pool of skills necessary for a successful thesis—that can be taught in various courses across the discipline through a traditional assignment: the semester research paper.
  • research methods,
  • political science,
  • methodology,
  • pedagogy,
  • research writing
Publication Date
October, 2011
Citation Information
Miguel Centellas. "Preaching What We Practice: Bringing Scope and Methods “Back In”" PS: Political Science & Politics (2011)
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