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Technology Desirability
ICIS 2012 Proceedings
  • Mustapha Cheikh-Ammar, IT, HEC Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada.
  • Henri Barki, IT, HEC Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada.
Start Date
14-12-2012 12:00 AM

Continuous-use, a key post-adoption behavior, has been typically explored based on adoption theories, portraying individuals as rational actors whose decisions are driven by intentions. Yet, continuous-use may not always be shaped by conscious rationality as emotions have been suggested to directly influence post-adoption and to overcome the formation of conscious intentions. The present paper takes a non-rational view of continuous-use and examines how it can be shaped by emotional involvement and value commitment. Building on previous work in Psychology, Marketing and Economic psychology, the present paper introduces the concept of IT Desirability, and argues for its central role, along with IT Loyalty, in explaining and predicting continuous-use. IT Desirability reflects the passionate relationship individuals experience with IT and is hypothesized to significantly influence their future IT-related decisions. The non-rational perspective suggested here complements existing rational models and provides a new lens for exploring individual mental processes capable of shaping continuous-use.

Citation Information
Mustapha Cheikh-Ammar and Henri Barki. "Technology Desirability" (2012)
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