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Chemical non-equilibrium modelling of an argon-oxygen supersonic ICP
Plasma Sciences Source & Technology (2011)
  • Mbark El Morsli, University of Sherbrooke
  • Pierre Proulx
  • Denis Gravelle, University of Sherbrooke

In this work, a non-equilibrium mathematical model for an argon-oxygen inductively coupled plasma torch with a supersonic nozzle is developed without making chemical equilibrium assumptions. Reaction rates of dissociation and recombination of diatomic gas and ionization are taken into account. Higher order approximations of the Chapman-Enskog method are used to obtain better accuracy for transport properties, taking advantage of the most recent sets of collisions integrals available in the literature. In order to validate the developed model, results are compared qualitatively and quantitatively with existing experimental data. The calculated results for axial temperature profile for pur argon within 10 mm above the substrate is in good agreement with spectroscopic measurement.

  • Modelling,
  • induction plasma,
  • chemical nonequilibrium,
  • two dimensional electromagnetic plasma,
  • transport and thermodynamic properties.
Publication Date
Winter January 15, 2011
Citation Information
Mbark El Morsli, Pierre Proulx and Denis Gravelle. "Chemical non-equilibrium modelling of an argon-oxygen supersonic ICP" Plasma Sciences Source & Technology, in press (2010).