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Desmoplastic Melanoma
The American Surgeon
  • Wyatt G. Payne
  • Robert Kearney
  • Karen Wells
  • Martin L. Blue
  • Mbaga S. Walusimbi, Wright State University
  • Gerald Mosiello
  • C. W. Cruse
  • Douglas Reintgen
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Desmoplastic melanoma is an uncommonly encountered variant of malignant melanoma. Three histological subtypes exist: desmoplastic, neurotropic, and neural transforming. Desmoplastic melanoma commonly presents in conjunction with existing melanocytic lesions or as an amelanotic firm nodule. Local recurrences are common. Thirty patients over a 6-year period were treated at our institution for desmoplastic melanoma. All lesions were treated with local excision. Local recurrence occurred in seven patients (23%) and was treated by aggressive re-excision in each instance. Clinical regional metastasis (lymph nodal basins) were detected in two patients (6%). Distant metastasis (lung) developed in two patients (6%). Twenty-three patients (76%) were found to have desmoplastic subtype, whereas five (17%) had neurotropic subtype. Six patients (20%) had associated pigmented melanotic lesions. Average length of follow-up has been 18 months. Overall survival is 96 per cent. Presentations and histologic diagnosis can sometimes be difficult and misleading. Treatment is aggressive local excision with follow-up necessary to detect resectable recurrent lesions.
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Wyatt G. Payne, Robert Kearney, Karen Wells, Martin L. Blue, et al.. "Desmoplastic Melanoma" The American Surgeon Vol. 67 Iss. 10 (2001) p. 1004 - 1006 ISSN: 00031348
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