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The Political Impact of NAFTA on Mexico
Canadian Journal of Political Science (2004)
  • Maxwell A. Cameron, University of British Columbia
  • Carol Wise, University of Southern California
This article revisits debates about the role NAFTA played in hastening Mexico's democratic transition. It finds that neither the advocates nor the critics of NAFTA anticipated the ruling PRI party's loss of control over the presidency in 2000. Although NAFTA may have contributed to hte various political crises that had been erupting since the 1970s, it was just one of serveral forces that shaped the country's democratic transition.
  • NAFTA Mexico Democracy
Publication Date
June, 2004
Publisher Statement
Copyright Canadian Political Science Association
Citation Information
Maxwell A. Cameron and Carol Wise. "The Political Impact of NAFTA on Mexico" Canadian Journal of Political Science Vol. 37 Iss. 2 (2004)
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