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Unpublished Paper
Learning about one’s relative position and subjective
Working papers series, dECON (2006)
  • Maximo Rossi
  • Daniel Miles

In th is paper we show evidence which suggests th at ch anges in an individual’s relative position affects his subjective well-being. In this sense, our findings are in line with those who argue th at a felicity function sh ould tak e into account both, absolute and relative position. Our result are based on a simple experimental design to discuss whether learning about one’s relative position af fects subjective well-being. Additionally, using non-experimental data we find a significant association between subjective well-being and relative wage.

  • relative income,
  • subjective well-being
Publication Date
September, 2006
Citation Information
Maximo Rossi and Daniel Miles. "Learning about one’s relative position and subjective" Working papers series, dECON (2006)
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