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Polarization and Wage Inequality in Uruguay, 1989-97
El Trimestre Economico (2000)
  • Maximo Rossi
  • Carlos Gradin

The analysis of the evolution of wage polarization in Uruguay during the last twelve years shows that the distribution of wages has become progressively more unequal and, most of all, more polarized. Increased reward to skill and experience, together with increased wage differentials by economic sector, are in the root of this process.

  • salary,
  • polarization,
  • distribution of wages
Publication Date
September, 2000
Citation Information
Maximo Rossi and Carlos Gradin. "Polarization and Wage Inequality in Uruguay, 1989-97" El Trimestre Economico Vol. Vol. 67 Iss. Nº 267 (2000)
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