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Unpublished Paper
Religión y Religiosidad en Uruguay
dECON - Serie Documentos de Trabajo (2009)
  • Maximo Rossi
  • Zuleika Ferre
  • Mariana Gerstenblüth

This paper presents descriptive data about religion and religiosity in Uruguay. Data is analyzed related to several topics such as tolerance, religious beliefs, spirituality and politics. Our dataset is the Religion and Religiosity National Public Opinion Survey (2008), carried out by the Department of Economics (dECON-FCS / ISSP). Data shows that more than half of the population is catholic and 30% has no religion. Although the intensity of the religious practice is low, this contrasts with a significant trend towards spirituality instead of a formal and organized religious practice.

  • Religion,
  • religiosity,
  • tolerance
Publication Date
November, 2009
Citation Information
Maximo Rossi, Zuleika Ferre and Mariana Gerstenblüth. "Religión y Religiosidad en Uruguay" dECON - Serie Documentos de Trabajo (2009)
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