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Theory of Spoof Plasmons in Real Metals
Applied Physics A (2010)
  • Anastasia Rusina, Georgia Southern University
  • Maxim Durach, Georgia Southern University
  • Mark I. Stockman, Georgia State University

In this Letter we develop a theory of spoof plasmons propagating on real metals perforated with planar periodic grooves. Deviation from the spoof plasmons on perfect conductor due to finite skin depth has been analytically described. This allowed us to investigate important propagation characteristics of spoof plasmons such as quality factor and propagation length as the function of the geometrical parameters of the structure. We have also considered THz field confinement by adiabatic increase of the depth of the grooves. It is shown that the finite skin depth limits the propagation length of spoof plasmons as well as a possibility to localize THz field. Geometrical parameters of the structure are found which provide optimal guiding and localization of THz energy.

  • Surface plasmon polariton,
  • THz eld,
  • Eld energy density,
  • Corrugated metal,
  • THz radiation,
  • Plasmon mode,
  • Periodic groove,
  • THz field,
  • Groove depth,
  • Propagation length,
  • Dispersion relation,
  • Skin depth,
  • Transverse magnetic eld,
  • Plasmon wave,
  • Wave vector
Publication Date
August, 2010
Citation Information
Anastasia Rusina, Maxim Durach and Mark I. Stockman. "Theory of Spoof Plasmons in Real Metals" Applied Physics A Vol. 100 Iss. 2 (2010)
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