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Atomic-scale structure: from surfaces to nanomaterials
Surface Science (2009)
  • Michel A. Van Hove, Department of Physics and Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
This brief overview is dedicated to Professor G. Ertl’s profound influence on shaping the field of surface science. I sketch recent accomplishments toward the determination and understanding of the atomic-scale structure of nanostructures. I argue that, to properly understand nanoscience and develop nanotechnology, there is a dire need to determine many more than the ~1,000 detailed surface structures known today. Techniques need to be adapted or invented to make this possible. As will be exhibited here, only two techniques are now essentially ready for this task: scanning tunneling microscopy, if interpreted by theory, and, to a lesser extent, x-ray diffraction. I also describe how low-energy electron diffraction is currently being developed for the same purpose.
  • surface structure,
  • nanostructure,
  • nanomaterials,
  • STM,
  • XRD,
  • LEED
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Michel A. Van Hove. "Atomic-scale structure: from surfaces to nanomaterials" Surface Science Vol. 603 Iss. 10-12 (2009) p. 1301 - 1305 ISSN: 00396028
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