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From the Desk of Law Faculty, Delhi University
Legal News and Views (1996)
  • Maurya Vijay Chandra
The recent rulinq of the Supreme Court on the bail release of under-trial prisoners is momentous. Its importance lies in the fact, that the judgement confers on an under-trial prisoner booked for certain category of offences a right to be released on bail if he has undergone a certain period of pre-trial detention. Another highlight of the judgement apart from this is that it enjoins upon the trial court to take suo moto cognizance of the pending of trial and under-trial detention. And the order would apply to all future cases. Further, the jUdgement itself provides for its circulation in the courts below within 3 months. And it is heartening to know that thousands of cases in each district have already been disposed off.
  • Under Trial Prisoners,
  • pre-trial detention
Publication Date
Fall September 15, 1996
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Maurya Vijay Chandra. "From the Desk of Law Faculty, Delhi University" Legal News and Views Vol. 10 Iss. 9 (1996)
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